Elevator Pitches

13.09.2022, 12:45 - 13:30
45 minutes
Audimax I

The poster sessions will be preceded by an elevator pitch competition that takes place on the first day of the Summerschool (13th of September) from 12:45 – 13:30. During this session authors will have the opportunity to orally present highlights of their work as a “2-minute commercial” which should be rather on the side of presenting yourself and your research in an entertaining way as a teaser for your poster. The MLE consortium will award prices for the best presentation.

If a presentation is planned for the Elevator Pitches, PDF and PPT are required. Please send them in advance (latest 24:00 on 12.09) to benjamin.boll@tuhh.de. Without PPT or PDF, no participation in the pitches is possible, and therefore, no chance of winning a prize! No USB sticks on the event are possible and own technology cannot be used.
IMPORTANT: There is no time extension! Please keep to the time, because after 2 min, the plug will definitely be pulled.

Session Chairs

Prof. Robert Meißner
Hamburg University of Technology, Institute of Polymers and Composites
Dr. Christian Feiler
Helmholtz Center Hereon