17.05.2022 - MLE Summer School on LinkedIn

The MLE Summer School is now also present on LinkedIn, so that participants (as well as presenters) can network and exchange contact information there:

05.05.2022 - Registration open

As of today, registration for the MLE Summer School is open.

03.05.2022 - Flyer available

25.04.2022 - Confirmed keynote speaker: Prof. Stefan Schulte

The second day starts with a key note discussing a new trend in ML called federated machine learning. It is about training systems across multiple independent decentralized devices. This approach comes with several benefits such as increased data privacy. Prof. Stefan Schulte is heading the institute of Data Engineering at TUHH. His research is located at the crossroad of data engineering and distributed systems, with a particular focus on federated learning.

19.04.2022 - Confirmed keynote speaker: Prof. Christoph Ihl

The first keynote speaker of the MLE Summer School is Prof. Christoph Ihl with the title of the talk: The Business & Economics of AI Startups

01.04.2022 - MLE-School website online

The MLE School website is online as of today. More content will be available in the next few days.